:: Mystic Mask 68 :: Not your Type?… Well…

:: Mystic Mask 68 :: Not your type?… Well, where I am coming from I am very attractive. In your dimension your spirit glows through your physical being. You could feel a persons deeper being through his physicality. In my universe we don’t have that kind of connection and our visual presence has a different meaning. That is why Art is so important in your universe. It is expression of the spirit, soul and all that you represent in non material form. When you create, you open the gate to “impossible” possibilities and flow of energy, that comes your way is, well, unpredictable. Art surprises, rejuvenates…it is a new form of life for many. What that means is that, you humans are like that as well,…precious! Your MM68, by Atza

Mystic Mask 68

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