:: Mystic Mask 92 :: Not understanding but being attracted to “it” is a…

:: Mystic Mask 92 :: Not understanding but being attracted to “it” is a beginning of a new life and new possibilities revealed to you. It’s a mystery. Mystery carries the vibration of unknown. Fear of unknown closes the door to discovery, and love of mystery brings transformation and magic into life. That is right, get used to it, magic. It’s a real thing, just because it’s a possibility, and possibility is yours to take on. It is your decision what to create and it’s your decision what to believe in. Everything you see and experience, the whole Universe is part of your physical and spiritual body. The fact that you can’t see it shouldn’t stop you from believing. What is a creation anyway? Is it visible? And yet, when transformed into physical reality becomes inspiration and reason for feeling alive. Most of what you are is invisible, bring it on, believe in it and materialize unknown through the heart portal. Be amazed what you discover because it’s sentillented! MM92 by Atza

Mystic Mask 92

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