Mystik Mask Art started as mystical drawings of face-like symbols of an ancient origin. Alexander Gate decided to create a drawing and write an insight with it, every day, and he didn’t miss a single day for 520 Mystik Mask drawings. As the exploration of the face form went through the phases, drawings eventually became too complex in detail to finish them in a single day. So far through more than 576 art pieces, it was an evolution from a simple symbol to a complex rendering of the human face. Now, those inked patterns of organic forms, represent Alexander’s way of seeing and expressing the multilevelled facets of uniqueness with which every human being shines upon this reality. Mystik Masks are created in the form of acrylic ink drawings and acrylic paintings on canvas from 5”x 5” up to 48”x 48” in size. Explore more than 700 images and find your connection embedded in Mystik Mask drawings, as messages coming from beyond the vail…thank you for being here : )

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