Mystik Mask 604 :: Acceptance of natural flow of life…

Mystik Mask 604 :: Acceptance of natural flow of life, peace and harmony that fills every moment we are truly present in a heart and body, truly present to witness our passion for creation, opens up an opportunity to evolve inside our true limitless potential. Breathing deeply with awareness inside breath energy is being true human creator of love vibration ::

Mystik Mask 602 :: I am Earth Walker…

Mystik Mask 602 :: I am Earth Walker with my body and Star Gazer with my heart spirit, and when they come together I see through the present moment into the song of whales ::


Mystik Mask 601 :: Now I see inside the one mind of the Universe…

Mystik Mask 601 :: Now I see inside the one mind of the Universe, inside the tree, inside stars, behind the structure everything is presented with, I see the source… with my heart ::

Mystik Mask 600 :: Our body is mostly water…

Mystik Mask 600 :: Our body is mostly water, only substance on the Planet Earth that could be present in three different states. Water has memory and reacts to frequency vibration in its surroundings by changing its structure according to that energy source. Our thoughts and feelings are energy, and our body listens ::


Mystik Mask 592 :: “Life is energy, lets shape it as we wish, consciously…” Alexander Gate

Mystik Mask 592 :: “Life is energy, lets shape it as we wish, consciously, because we were doing it anyway, every second of our lives, mostly in an unconscious way. Energy of our life stream is eagerly listening to a frequency our feelings resonate on. Let’s focus our thoughts on choosing how we feel in the moment, and yes, we could choose how we feel despite our surroundings. Let’s play with feelings in joy of creation.” Alexander Gate​


Mystik Mask 587 :: Using feelings to become aware of the energies…

Mystik Mask 587 :: Using feelings to become aware of the energies working behind every subconscious and conscious interaction with ourselves and a world we live in, is the precious insight into the creation of life itself. Than you can see and feel where from the building blocks of our reality are set in motion. ₳☩z₳ ::


Mystic Mask 584 :: Belief is everything…

Mystic Mask 584

Mystic Mask 584 :: Belief is everything. Sole belief creates a master and a servant, richest and a poorest, wisest and a most ignorant, and all in between.

Humanity lost its awareness of the power it holds in its conscious presence. We lost even the awareness of the perpetual lifelong proof of our deepest beliefs being reflected and realized in everyday life situations. If we focus truthfully on our deepest beliefs, we will recognize them all materialized as our life at present time. We just can’t go over the fact that even most painful situations in life are of our own creation.

We forget that everything is energy and vibration, including our thoughts, feelings, beliefs…and they are all part of the creative process we are masters of.

There is the catch, of becoming aware, conscious of the presence we represent in the mater of things in life. The catch is to wield the power of conscious presence, that we have in abundant never ending sources, with compassionate strength through our hearts.

For unconscious ones, and that was so far the most of humanity, there was a downfall that brought us darkness, legacy of non belief in self worth, in being creative, a fear of its own power. Fear equals darkness.

We don’t have time for every single detail to be explained on how people to change their views on life, for we are here to experience new consciousness arousing, which is the way of the heart.  Listening to the whispers of the heart will help with fast paced recovery and a bringing of the light that will soften darkness with wisdom.

Becoming aware of our own power brings responsibility of how we use it. We should never forget that Love that binds us is more important than the power we wield :: by ☩𝕫∀

Mystic Mask 583 :: We learned about life, how we have to behave and how to live. Think about it…


Mystic Mask 583 :: We learned about life, how we have to behave and how to live. Think about it. Every detail, from parents, relatives, school, friends, books, magazines, radio, media, society…We actually learned how to live our lives and how to perceive life. But it is just that, one angle, perception rooted as our belief system that we are not aware of any more, it all works from our subconscious mind. It became our habitual response to daily stimulations that we do not even question any more.

Our senses respond to just but a small spectrum of wast array of information that is coming our way from the Universe at large. And one of the most important sensory tools we have at our disposal is not even accounted as one of the senses, FEELINGS. Feelings are the only language, as we know so far, that is communicating its message between people, animals, plants, planets, life forms of any kind, and the Universe of energy and vibration, without a need for translation. It is a direct message of what we experience at that moment, and it is not tainted by our ego judgements.

The purity of feelings come from the source they radiate from, the heart… (to be continued…) by  ₳♰z∀

Mystic Mask 582 :: There is a faint tread of feel connected to stream of life

Mystic Mask 582 :: There is a faint tread of feel connected to stream of life moving body and consciousness with its power, that we take for granted and rarely observe flowing through what we are in this reality. Focusing into life stream gives me a perspective of the creation, and a possibility of becoming conscious creator, with the power and trust instilled in me. This moment is the power of existence in a single point, where presence of life could only be experienced. When I experience life streaming through all I am everything else falls off and light of creation becomes visible :: by Alexander Gate


2013 in review

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