Mystic Mask 584 :: Belief is everything…

Mystic Mask 584

Mystic Mask 584 :: Belief is everything. Sole belief creates a master and a servant, richest and a poorest, wisest and a most ignorant, and all in between.

Humanity lost its awareness of the power it holds in its conscious presence. We lost even the awareness of the perpetual lifelong proof of our deepest beliefs being reflected and realized in everyday life situations. If we focus truthfully on our deepest beliefs, we will recognize them all materialized as our life at present time. We just can’t go over the fact that even most painful situations in life are of our own creation.

We forget that everything is energy and vibration, including our thoughts, feelings, beliefs…and they are all part of the creative process we are masters of.

There is the catch, of becoming aware, conscious of the presence we represent in the mater of things in life. The catch is to wield the power of conscious presence, that we have in abundant never ending sources, with compassionate strength through our hearts.

For unconscious ones, and that was so far the most of humanity, there was a downfall that brought us darkness, legacy of non belief in self worth, in being creative, a fear of its own power. Fear equals darkness.

We don’t have time for every single detail to be explained on how people to change their views on life, for we are here to experience new consciousness arousing, which is the way of the heart.  Listening to the whispers of the heart will help with fast paced recovery and a bringing of the light that will soften darkness with wisdom.

Becoming aware of our own power brings responsibility of how we use it. We should never forget that Love that binds us is more important than the power we wield :: by ☩𝕫∀

Mystic Mask 582 :: There is a faint tread of feel connected to stream of life

Mystic Mask 582 :: There is a faint tread of feel connected to stream of life moving body and consciousness with its power, that we take for granted and rarely observe flowing through what we are in this reality. Focusing into life stream gives me a perspective of the creation, and a possibility of becoming conscious creator, with the power and trust instilled in me. This moment is the power of existence in a single point, where presence of life could only be experienced. When I experience life streaming through all I am everything else falls off and light of creation becomes visible :: by Alexander Gate


2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 23,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Use me as a portal to the other side, and know the presence inside :: Mystik Mask 377 ::

Year One Mystique Mask Party

Dear Friends,

Hope you are all doing great and growing inside and out taking the whole world with you to the next level… If you were introduced to Mystic Mask last year, you know what am I talking about.

Year One for Mystic [Mystique] Mask is wrapping up on February 10. 2012. Full year of drawings and insights every day without a fail. That was my biggest task, no matter how much work I have, if I am travelling, on the plane, in a coffee shop, restaurant, at the friends house, at the party, to draw one Mystic Mask and write one insight every day! Lots of times I did it in the middle of the night or early morning before dawn. Then I would go out with Louie [my dog friend] for a breath of fresh air, no matter what time it is. 

In October 2011 I saw a video that was about Mayan Calendar and among other information, the date when I started with Mystic Mask. According to the Maya the “Universal Consciousness” cycle begins on Feb. 10, 2011, “where we will finally know ourselves as co-creators with The Universe”. February 10, 2011 is when the Earth and humanity will be entering the final cycle of the 9 Levels of Consciousness (as per the Maya). The first cycle began 16.4 Billion years ago. Here is a video from Ian Xel Lungold ( explaining in great detail the 9 Levels of consciousness. All this was lined up with the beginning of Mystic Mask without my conscious awareness of the synchronicity happening.
Please join us for a celebration, gifts, drinks and snacks at the Year One Mystique Mask party, where you could see original artwork on canvas, learn more about MM and if you wish, purchase MM drawings and prints as well. You will find us at 319 West 28th Street, North Vancouver, BC, Canada, (click on the address for the map) and it starts at 6pm pacific standard time, Friday, February 10, 2012.
Find Mystic Mask at or and for more images and work in progress around MM, check
See you soon,
Alex Aca [atza] Visnic
Mystic Mask Art Studio

:: Mystic Mask 335 :: Transparent plains of existence…

:: Mystic Mask 335 :: Transparent plains of existence looking through each other, placing trust into human heart enabling it to see lights never seen before, lights shining onto resurrected spirits prepared for creation of a new kind. MM335 by Aca [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 302 :: Feel true human being coming through…

:: Mystic Mask 302 :: Feel true human being coming through the crust of reality built by mind worship. Let genuine human intuitive, unpredictable vision overflow the landscape and make peace between mind and a heart. MM302 by ACA [atza]

Mystic Mask 302

:: Mystic Mask 261 :: Orca came into my dream last night…

:: Mystic Mask 261 :: Orca came into my dream last night and reminded me of a deep connection all beings share on this planet and confirmed that community of such magnitude is a family well protected by its mother Earth. “Going into the heart is a great start for any era” echoed in my mind while the great mammal went softly underneath the surface of the water. MM261 by Aca [atza]

Mystic Mask 261

:: Mystic Mask 230 :: No matter who you are, you always have support…

:: Mystic Mask 230 :: No matter who you are, you always have support. Physical or etheric, invisible sources are always watching over you. Your heart is one of the strongest rooted connections working through infinity to provide all you need. You are the only one that limits the strength of love streaming towards yourself. Open your heart with no space or time… MM230 by Atza


:: Mystic Mask 221 :: Contrast in art is one of the most…

:: Mystic Mask 221 :: Contrast in art is one of the most attractive and exciting forms of expression. In life it gives the taste and shape of the world around us. Understand it’s power when next time dark moment strikes. Through darkness light becomes our bliss. Say your thanks to darkness and feel the joy of light! MM221 by Atza


:: Mystic Mask 217 :: Form is a greatest magic…

:: Mystic Mask 217 :: Form is a greatest magic, it is visual, material aspect of spirit reflection. Even when speechless you could transform the feeling into material form, poem, sculpture, painting, book, building, meal, design, comic book, furniture, dress, ice-cream… That’s when greatest creations occur. MM217 by Atza


:: Mystic Mask 158 :: Turn around slowly to the fires of the Agonvald…

:: Mystic Mask 158 :: Turn around slowly to the fires of the Agonvald. Let them burn inside your soul and clear all the destructive habits we keep repeating because of the habit of habitually doing things through life. At least become aware, that is a start of a beautiful friendship. MM158 by Atza.


:: Mystic Mask 157 :: Expect good and great, but not from someone…

:: Mystic Mask 157 :: Expect good and great, but not from someone. Bask in a powerful, passionate feelings and initiate Universe to work out its magical ways. You are your own greatest master. Grateful is masterful. MM157 by Atza


:: Mystic Mask 148 :: Every arriving moment is an opportunity…

:: Mystic Mask 148 :: Every arriving moment is an opportunity to see and feel mystical qualities of life that could enrich and inspire us to expand our experience to new frontiers where human thought never touched before. MM148 by Atza