Use me as a portal to the other side, and know the presence inside :: Mystik Mask 377 ::

Year One Mystique Mask Party

Dear Friends,

Hope you are all doing great and growing inside and out taking the whole world with you to the next level… If you were introduced to Mystic Mask last year, you know what am I talking about.

Year One for Mystic [Mystique] Mask is wrapping up on February 10. 2012. Full year of drawings and insights every day without a fail. That was my biggest task, no matter how much work I have, if I am travelling, on the plane, in a coffee shop, restaurant, at the friends house, at the party, to draw one Mystic Mask and write one insight every day! Lots of times I did it in the middle of the night or early morning before dawn. Then I would go out with Louie [my dog friend] for a breath of fresh air, no matter what time it is. 

In October 2011 I saw a video that was about Mayan Calendar and among other information, the date when I started with Mystic Mask. According to the Maya the “Universal Consciousness” cycle begins on Feb. 10, 2011, “where we will finally know ourselves as co-creators with The Universe”. February 10, 2011 is when the Earth and humanity will be entering the final cycle of the 9 Levels of Consciousness (as per the Maya). The first cycle began 16.4 Billion years ago. Here is a video from Ian Xel Lungold ( explaining in great detail the 9 Levels of consciousness. All this was lined up with the beginning of Mystic Mask without my conscious awareness of the synchronicity happening.
Please join us for a celebration, gifts, drinks and snacks at the Year One Mystique Mask party, where you could see original artwork on canvas, learn more about MM and if you wish, purchase MM drawings and prints as well. You will find us at 319 West 28th Street, North Vancouver, BC, Canada, (click on the address for the map) and it starts at 6pm pacific standard time, Friday, February 10, 2012.
Find Mystic Mask at or and for more images and work in progress around MM, check
See you soon,
Alex Aca [atza] Visnic
Mystic Mask Art Studio

:: Mystique Mask 352 :: I am holding what I want to hold…

:: Mystique Mask 352 :: I am holding what I want to hold and getting convinced more and more in depth of human involvement into truths and consequences of the natural order of the Universe. Full throttle in all directions at once. Full power. Mind and Heart bonded together… Listen to the heartbeat. MM352 by Aca [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 338 :: I am stunned and grateful for nature’s beauty…

:: Mystic Mask 338 :: I am stunned and grateful for nature’s beauty and wisdom :: including Human race. Kind eye and loving nature being part of universal forces moving through the Universe in creative quest. [with the heart in drivers seat] MM338 by Aca [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 302 :: Feel true human being coming through…

:: Mystic Mask 302 :: Feel true human being coming through the crust of reality built by mind worship. Let genuine human intuitive, unpredictable vision overflow the landscape and make peace between mind and a heart. MM302 by ACA [atza]

Mystic Mask 302

:: Mystic Mask 293 :: There is something incredible to be discovered…

:: Mystic Mask 293 :: There is something incredible to be discovered in the far corner of the Universe. If you look for it you’ll be surprised to uncover it in the space between your thoughts and a heart. MM293 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 291 :: Be your own Angel

:: Mystic Mask 291 :: Be your own Angel, or somebody else’s, because there is no perfection in the Universe, a message you are delivering is: all is good. Hard to understand? Maybe, but it’s the truth. Whatever is happening, altogether with all the flows is the truth we live. Life itself, flowing through our veins and feelings is the purpose and an open door to the adventure as well. MM291 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 289 :: Life…”extraordinary”, Universe would say.

:: Mystic Mask 289 :: Life…”extraordinary”, Universe would say. We have it, everywhere, inside and around, creative force without judgement is moving its conscious presence through our body, mind and heart. When we become conscious of that creative force in us we could move mountains. Do we believe that we are ready? MM289 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 288 :: It is so simple we can’t believe…

:: Mystic Mask 288 :: It is so simple we can’t believe it builds the Universe. It is part of everyone and is available all the time, everywhere. It is not a force, it’s above and inside it. It is closer than your own thoughts. You could feel it. MM288 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 285 :: As above so bellow, as inside so outside…

:: Mystic Mask 285 :: As above so bellow, as inside so outside. Go deep inside the open space you are, choose how this world will come about and let it morph with the world in front of your eyes. …and yes you have absolute right to do that…and you have the absolute power. Done through the heart, your design will touch the heart of the Universe. MM285 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 283 :: Human starts its physical development as a heart…

:: Mystic Mask 283 :: Human starts its physical development as a heart, which is first organ created. When heart starts its beat body is slowly formed around it. That means that we are made to carry heart around. There is a meaning in all that. Power, depth, connection to all Universe is through heart. Infinite presence and ancient knowledge reside in the heart as well. Get to know thyself, go into your heart. MM283 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 282 :: Every little detail in the Universe has effect…

:: Mystic Mask 282 :: Every little detail in the Universe has effect on the design and unfolding of its evolutionary path. Time, distance or size has no influence on the process. Your heart makes all the difference even it’s small, tiny speck in the Universe among the stars and nebulas. Open the heart and let it shine. It is a major ingredient in the cosmic soup of energies forming new ideas in a pot of consciousness. MM282 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 279 :: Do you feel something is different?

:: Mystic Mask 279 :: Do you feel something is different. My heart is excited. Beats together with the whole Universe. Music is helping. Energy vibe of our reality is morphing with higher rate of presence we carried in us from ancient times. Or no time. Space we are present in feels different, more open, spacious, more room to play. I am not on anything, just excited naturally. Believe and let your spirit enter, doors are open, gates to your real self… I am, MM279 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 273 :: I contain everything you need…

:: Mystic Mask 273 :: I contain everything you need. I am a map showing you a path. A path to knowledge, to state of being acting as looking-glass reaching into the sacred patterns ever present in our surroundings, thoughts, hearts, trees, leafs, life… I am the open gate to information, vibration morphing the worlds we lost touch with… Time has come to look more closely, with more sensitivity and insight into the people, nature, life itself… Create worlds and surprise the Universe… Move the “last frontier”… MM273 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 271 :: Doors are always mysterious.

:: Mystic Mask 271 :: Doors are always mysterious. Is Universe brave enough to open a door into our own unique world? Or should I say, are we brave enough to openly, without any judgement, look through that gate and accept surreal, morphing and slipping ideas and creativeness that lives in there? If you choose to look, you will know why you exist… MM271 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 264 :: Feel the vibration in your body right now…

:: Mystic Mask 264 :: Feel the vibration in your body right now. That is your soul spirit being present and it loves to be noticed and communicated with. That being that gives you life is in contact with the Universe and could help in all you do. Become more sensitive, feel your heart world and a whole Universe bows to the high vibration you emanate. MM264 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 260 :: Lining up with the center of the galaxy…

:: Mystic Mask 260 :: Lining up with the center of the galaxy is natural event in the life of our Universe. When we accept and use that knowledge to become aware and more sensitive to energies, vibrations streaming through our body, spirit, reality, challenging us to look into new ideas and concepts of natural interaction with different life forms, we expand our consciousness. MM260 by Aca [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 259 :: If feelings are most important…

:: Mystic Mask 259 :: If feelings are most important and only thing every human being use to communicate with the reality of his own world, why we don’t share it more? Feelings are the only truth we recognize in regards to our experience in this “feeling” reality. And also only language Universe understands. You don’t need to learn a new language even if you meet a new species of beings, you just become more sensitive to the vibration going through your heart. MM259 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 146 :: Genuine presence and acceptance…

:: Mystic Mask 146 :: Genuine presence and acceptance of the position in time and space you hold is precious moment to consider. All the power of the Universe is contained in there. Look around, see details of your surroundings. Feel them as they are alive and communicating with you, on some level. Because that is the truth, we are in connection with everything around us and a whole Universe all the time. And if you take the time out of the equation, you “are” the Universe. MM146 by Atza


:: Mystic Mask 136 :: Legends, heroes, stories, books, mysticism…

:: Mystic Mask 136 :: Legends, heroes, stories, books, mysticism, esoteric thoughts and beings, fantasy and dreams, bright stars and dying planets, life changing ideas, creative morphing force, heart bursting with love and heart whispering for love are all part of a real human depth that has infinite possibilities and spreads throughout the Universe and beyond. We don’t have to know how, because if we do we confine possibilities to knowledge we already use without expansion to new frontiers. Create without the attachment of thoughts, dive into unknown and feel the freedom of existence. MM136 by Atza


:: Mystic Mask 107 :: Renew yourself…

:: Mystic Mask 107 :: Renew yourself. You are self repairing organism without limits. You are developing and changing all the time. Many of you are creating unconsciously, through outside influences and engraved habitual behaviours that are not yours. Becoming conscious creator brings different dimension in understanding yourself. Understanding that your body is community of fifty trillion cells takes creative ability to the next level…create with love of all life everywhere. MM107 by Atza

Mystic Mask 107

:: Mystic Mask 106 :: You are focused on “reality” around you too much

:: Mystic Mask 106 :: You are focused on “reality” around you too much. Be aware that you all, collectively created it anyway. What about new, radical, ideas of living consciously? Just one point to boost your infinite potential: All the energy and the power of planets, stars, nebulas, galaxies, black holes, Universe, is contained in you and is at your disposal to use as a part of creative process. Decide to believe in who you really are, Universe will rejoice. MM106 by Atza

Mystic Mask 106