Mystic Mask 584 :: Belief is everything…

Mystic Mask 584

Mystic Mask 584 :: Belief is everything. Sole belief creates a master and a servant, richest and a poorest, wisest and a most ignorant, and all in between.

Humanity lost its awareness of the power it holds in its conscious presence. We lost even the awareness of the perpetual lifelong proof of our deepest beliefs being reflected and realized in everyday life situations. If we focus truthfully on our deepest beliefs, we will recognize them all materialized as our life at present time. We just can’t go over the fact that even most painful situations in life are of our own creation.

We forget that everything is energy and vibration, including our thoughts, feelings, beliefs…and they are all part of the creative process we are masters of.

There is the catch, of becoming aware, conscious of the presence we represent in the mater of things in life. The catch is to wield the power of conscious presence, that we have in abundant never ending sources, with compassionate strength through our hearts.

For unconscious ones, and that was so far the most of humanity, there was a downfall that brought us darkness, legacy of non belief in self worth, in being creative, a fear of its own power. Fear equals darkness.

We don’t have time for every single detail to be explained on how people to change their views on life, for we are here to experience new consciousness arousing, which is the way of the heart.  Listening to the whispers of the heart will help with fast paced recovery and a bringing of the light that will soften darkness with wisdom.

Becoming aware of our own power brings responsibility of how we use it. We should never forget that Love that binds us is more important than the power we wield :: by ☩𝕫∀

Mystik Mask 569 :: I was here in the realm between the worlds…

Mystik Mask 569 :: I was here in the realm between the worlds for a long time. If I could call it a time, maybe better like lingering in the sea of emotions, feelings that stretch the existence, as the bridge to the next life form. Being here as a drawing is refreshing, kind of looking at many eyes without the attachment or judgement. (Who knows where this comes from) Atza (at Mystik Mask Art Studio)


Use me as a portal to the other side, and know the presence inside :: Mystik Mask 377 ::

:: Mystique Mask 354 :: The Grid that was made in ancient times…

:: Mystique Mask 354 :: The Grid that was made in ancient times is laying dormant, unused, inside the architecture of the world we are. We poses all the attributes necessary for giving life and engaging the Grid again. Connectors to physical body and soul being are still in place, just rusty and in need of reanimation and recoding. The heart is being recoding the structure of the Grid in the background for a while and needs to introduce the conscious presence into the process, to be able to reanimate and bring the Grid to life. Receiving the call from the heart shouldn’t be surprise now. MM354 by Aca [atza]


:: Mystique Mask 344 :: Above myself I am

:: Mystique Mask 344 :: Above myself I am, in the cloud of unexpressed creation. When I wake up, tell me where to go and how to behave, I am tired of a same song playing through the horn of time. Then, let me sit here with the sand in the palm of my hand. I’ll color all in black in my world, open the curtain and blow the sand out over the sacred temple. Light is warm… I feel calm… MM344 by Aca [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 290 :: Diversity is magical

:: Mystic Mask 290 :: Diversity is magical. As many people, animals, plants, planets, galaxies, nebulas, black holes, molecules and neutrons, creation grows and lives greater possibilities and vision expands. We are in a midst of it all. Expand inside yourself and let heart be the catalyst of creation. MM290 by ACA [atza]


:: Mustic Mask 284 :: Let your container of thoughts…

:: Mustic Mask 284 :: Let your container of thoughts fall over and spill its ideas on the barren fields of creation seeking life to grow. Let you intentions roam free without attachment. Attend to sudden glee of emptiness inside the space you occupy and start creating again. MM284 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 265 :: All your experience surmounts to produce creation of…

:: Mystic Mask 265 :: All your experience surmounts to produce creation of your uniqueness. No matter what was it, everything you experienced has the power to be a part of the bigger picture in creation process. Be surprised with your own unique presence. Your eternal partner MM265 by ACA [atza]


:: Mystic Mask 250 :: Anything created, thought of, enjoyed…

:: Mystic Mask 250 :: Anything created, thought of, enjoyed from the depth of ones heart, carries power, vibration of higher state of being that could be enough to build new world or notice the world being built this moment, calling us to participate in creation consciously. MM250 by Atza


:: Mystic Mask 235 :: At the end what’s left on a pile of human belongings?

:: Mystic Mask 235 :: At the end what’s left on a pile of human belongings? Fuzzy electrical vibe of presence and feel we had produced in what capacity? Are we creation masters or followers of “guidance masters” feeding of the vibe we created. Either way, we created. MM235 by Atza


:: Mystic Mask 199 :: Finding peace, meaning, presence of being…

:: Mystic Mask 199 :: Finding peace, meaning, presence of being while in the storm and dark moments, is a beginning of conscious understanding of life. Well, that is just one angle of looking at the world of energy, vibration, frequency of our existence…MM199 by Atza


:: Mystic Mask 172 :: Choose one idea, passion, interest, feeling…

:: Mystic Mask 172 :: Choose one idea, passion, interest, feeling and focus on it. Stay with it every day, honoring its existence by doing and remembering what you appreciate the most about it. After some time, no mater how different or impossible it seems, it starts to live inside you and then the power of human creation makes situations that support it’s possibility and consequent materialization. Once impossible becomes part of main stream by pure belief and repetition. MM172 by Atza


:: Mystic Mask 169 :: Human being has a creative power…

:: Mystic Mask 169 :: Human being has a creative power far beyond our present ability to understand our multidimensional spirit. If we express willingness for exploring our wast soul presence we will be presented with a way to discovering greater possibilities for adopting our true self. MM169 by Atza


:: Mystic Mask 167 :: Nothing contains your soul…

:: Mystic Mask 167 :: Nothing contains your soul. It spreads through dimensions and worlds touching all in known and unknown possibilities. Its expression reaches into this reality through use of your body. Dreams are one of the connections through witch you get in touch with other dimensions and worlds. Have intention of getting to know yourself and watch for guidance showing the ways to do that. First open your mind to unknown… MM167 by Atza


:: Mystic Mask 155 :: We surround ourselves with our personal world…

:: Mystic Mask 155 :: We surround ourselves with our personal world. From time to time it’s great to open the window and let the fresh inspiration and ideas in. Be surprised and do not think, just float with the flow of life. MM155 by Atza