:: Mystic Mask 282 :: Every little detail in the Universe has effect…

:: Mystic Mask 282 :: Every little detail in the Universe has effect on the design and unfolding of its evolutionary path. Time, distance or size has no influence on the process. Your heart makes all the difference even it’s small, tiny speck in the Universe among the stars and nebulas. Open the heart and let it shine. It is a major ingredient in the cosmic soup of energies forming new ideas in a pot of consciousness. MM282 by ACA [atza]


4 thoughts on “:: Mystic Mask 282 :: Every little detail in the Universe has effect…

  1. Love the pen/ink work, and mask aside, I especially love that to me it looks like an aerial architectural blueprint, and I’m looking down into a house with a main entry way a the bottom, with different rooms and a long corridor at the top, and an open plan section in the left. Now that I’ve seen it; I can’t unsee it.

    1. Ravenari that is great. I am interior architect, but did not plan on achieving that effect. I guess that subconscious has its own way of expressing its feelings.
      Beautiful and powerful totems on your blog! By the way I love Miyazaki as well. With light, ACA [atza]

      1. Huh, go figure! I had no idea that you were an interior architect; though it makes so much sense. It’s so strange and amazing how our other jobs and interests find their way into our work. Your mask reminds me of Giger’s house design. *grin*

        Miyazaki is a champion. 😀 Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

      2. And now you are mentioning Giger. Interesting. Totems and spirit world, makes sense. Check my air-brush abstract art on soulgate.ca

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