Mystic Mask is coming to your neighborhood

Welcome to the vibration of Mystic Mask drawings. We will explore deeper aspects of our being, and open doors for new possibilities to enter the dimension we are in now.

These drawings are a form of vibration or energy which is transformed into a physical drawing that carries a message. This message will be different for each person, because we all have our own outlook on life.

Focus on the drawing and try to see and feel something in them, just like looking at clouds and noticing different shapes. Then notice the feeling that you are experiencing. Imagine putting the Mystic Mask on, and what that will bring into your experience: freedom of expression, changed personality, your real self emerging, seeing the world in a different way. You might benefit from a number of unexpected insights.

Any thoughts written or left as a comment here will open new possibilities for the growth and evolution of our inner world. Communication is a great way to facilitate inspiration and creation. Let’s inspire each other into creating new experiences. In my opinion that is why we exist! Here is a first Mystic Mask. Enjoy, Atza.

Mystic Mask 1

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