:: Mystic Mask 319 :: Open your mind for the heart…

:: Mystic Mask 319 :: Open your mind for the heart to tell its story of the light and guidance. Mind restricts capability and potential of the heart which holds the key to achieving the harmony between the two. MM319 by ACA [atza]


6 thoughts on “:: Mystic Mask 319 :: Open your mind for the heart…

  1. Worries and anxieties torture The greatness of the mind.
    Joy and satisfaction befriend The goodness of the heart.
    The human mind Is conscious Only of a joyless road.
    Oh my mind, you talk too much Do follow my heart that lives in silence. (by Sri Chinmoy)

    Blessed are those who succeed keeping the mind and heart in harmony and peace (by simply me)

    Love your work Aco :-)……………Suzana

      1. lol….empty mind is sometimes so relieving…ne kaze se dzaba kod nas…. “pusti mozak na pasu” ponekad osjetim kad predam svoj um totalno da mogu da dotaknem i najdublji dio moga srca i da zavirim sta sve tamo ima… cesto se iznenadim, prijatno, a ponekad se i prepadnem pa onda brze bolje pobjegnem u neki drugi cosak moga “ja” da zaboravim….sorry Aco, I continued in Serbian, but sometimes I can express myself better in our native language (mind you I find English very rich language too)…cheers 🙂

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