:: Mystique Mask 349 :: We never travel alone

:: Mystique Mask 349 :: We never travel alone. We are collective beings. Entities that feed of multitude of experiences. While having a human experience we split that collectiveness into different people we interact with in this reality. Even when they disappear from physical experience, they assume ancient form of collective being. Not that they don’t leave, they can’t, they are part of multi-existing life form. That is why if we remember previous life experiences we see and recognize personalities in different roles, transforming through “time”. “They” never leave, it’s who we are. Open spirit reduced to body, to decipher and experience laws of nature twisted. But we never travel alone, we share this body and experiences. Dare to feel it! Your soul brother MM349 by Aca [atza]


3 thoughts on “:: Mystique Mask 349 :: We never travel alone

  1. Whatever you like Makena. Aca [atza] is short of Aleksandar in Serbia and my nickname from birth, all my friends and relatives call me that. thanks for asking

  2. Very interesting! I have a friend who moved here from Serbia.

    I may start referring to you as Aca then, as I feel as though I can connect to you and your work even better!

    Thanks as always, for enlightening me, Aca. 🙂

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