:: Mystik Mask 417 :: We could be hypnotized…

:: Mystik Mask 417 :: We are hypnotized, not to see what is in front of our eyes. After all, we asked for it, we surrendered to living in fear. Love became amusement for the “weak” at heart, love became a sweet thing on the side of the road. Suffering was mainstream inspiration for the masses. Out of that fear, cultures were built and lived, without a question of a doubt, “like” in deep hypnosis. Thoughts in our minds were accepted as our own. Well… if it doesn’t feel right, question it. Question always brings the answer in some form. Curiosity opens the gates to possibilities, wide open, braking all the rules nobody knew existed. Love was always there, waiting for awakened to return. MM417 by Aca [atza]


4 thoughts on “:: Mystik Mask 417 :: We could be hypnotized…

  1. Love belongs to a tortured heart – something that came to my mind the other day. I feel as though you finally put my thought into words and a beautiful and focused mask.

    “She” is gorgeous. Her weak heart still has gates to new possibilities and more.

    Thanks, as always, Aca!

    1. I feel that tortured heart is part of the world we are transitioning from into a new powerful heart-love dimension. Thanks for the words of wisdom as always.

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