Amazing emails I received from Mystik Masks 549 and 550 ::

Amazing emails I received from Mystik Masks 549 and 550: Hey Alex, on behalf of Erynn Reitmayer and I both, we want to thank you for your outstanding artwork. We both love it and it made for an amazing memorable gift for her. The detail and the emotion you put into this piece is breathtaking and marvelous!
I will tell you some information about us so you could maybe update the information on your site about the painting.
Our band name is “Mean Old Daddy.” We play funk/blues-rock music. Mean Old Daddy is a new rock project that started 6 months ago when Erynn and I met and instantly had an undeniable musical connection. She was searching for the right guitar player and I was searching for that perfect singer and just when both of us were considering giving up, we found each other. The musical connection alone is so inspiring to both of us and we have managed to tap into what seems to be an endless creative wave of music that won’t stop! Erynn’s rhythmic vocal style and catchy, unique lyrics complimented the ever so funky, rhythmic guitar progressions in such a tasteful way that the songs are sure to get people dancing and singing along.
Mean Old Daddy will be releasing there debut album in May 2013 soon to be followed by a 2 month North American summer tour beginning in Vancouver!

Thanks again for your great work, every time we look at it we are inspired!
Can’t wait to come together again in the near future.
Best Regards,
Erynn Reitmayer & Corey Stubbings of “Mean Old Daddy”

Hi Alex,

This is Erynn, the singer in the painting of Mean Old Daddy. I know Corey sent you a little letter telling you about our music and how we met and all that, so I won’t get into the details- I just wanted to send you a letter of my own to express my gratitude for the work you put into the painting you made for us.

It was truly an amazing, inspiring and personal gift to receive. I know that it will be something that I will cherish for years to come. No matter what happens or where our music leads, I will always have that piece to document our music, the love we share for one another, and this time of our lives. Thank you for making a piece of our lives into a work of art.

In this moment, we are infinite.

With the utmost respect and appreciation,
Erynn Elizabeth. (at Mystik Mask Art Studio)


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