:: Mystik Mask 536 :: Inside our body, inside our heart…

:: Mystik Mask 536 :: Inside our body, inside our heart, inside that finite space, infinity exists, in its full power. Through simple sacred geometry and math equations it is explained as a material presence and a truth. It was always up to us to accept and understand what we are made of. Use your heart, and create out of that power, with a confidence that the whole Universe benefits. Feel it inside, it feels good, and out of good feeling, good deeds come. MM536 by Alex äzzä Visnjic


Start to :: Mystik Mask 536 :: was a contest

Contest winner that answered a question: who is this?; was @ivanka_ from #Instagram, so the unique multimedia signed print (worth $70) travels to France with shipping payed as well! From now on every new Mystik Mask will have one lucky winner, and first info will always go through my Instagram azzaart acc., Facebook, Facebook page “Mystik Mask Art Studio”, Tumblr: http://azza.me :: Good Luck to All! Love, Azza