Mystic Mask as a tool for transformation

How could Mystic Masks be used for transformation in life? I will be minimal in explaining the quantum effects and other influential characteristics of our being we all share in communication with each other and the universe. There are many amazing books, magazines, websites and people to learn from about our own interaction with the world, and the influence and impact we have on it. If we are willing to explore our human nature, all sorts of information will be streaming our way to open our eyes, mind, and most importantly our heart on the subject. We are amazing creators with the power to materialize anything in this dimension we live in. That is proven through many peoples’ lives that you can research historically; from authors like Jules Verne, scientists like Nikola Tesla to your friends and yourself as well. Even the greatest fantasies we believe in become truths if we stay focused and passionate about them. Heart plays a major role in the creative process as a conductor orchestrating all the instruments necessary for the sounds of music to come together in a masterful piece of art. Jules Verne was writing about submarines, spaceships, and other fictional subjects unheard of in his time, and everything became a reality and part of everyday life. Nikola Tesla had such a strong focus in his heart and mind that all the inventions he imagined became reality in the shortest possible time, even though they were out of this world in the nineteen hundreds (sending electrical power over great distances, remote-controlled devices, to name only two). So the possibilities are limited only by our imagination and the beliefs we hold obstructing it.

Use Mystic Masks as a point of attraction; they are the key to the door to your higher self, where you will find a field of infinite possibilities. Focus your attention on the details of the mask and stay with it for a period of time that feels comfortable for you. You could use them in the same way as a Mandala to relax and bring insights to your conscious presence. Mystic Masks are as wise as your infinite being is. Become conscious of your importance and of the truths you hold in your heart.

To beloved co-creators, with light and love,


Mystic Mask 2