:: Mystic Mask 72 :: Balance and Harmony, Boring?

:: Mystic Mask 72 :: Balance and Harmony, boring? When you experience it, becomes a field of exciting exploration. Like standing in front of a clean slate with the power to create never created before, thoughts, feelings, worlds, life… I said never before, most of you can’t even grasp a concept of developing such thoughts and ideas. Why? Because it was never done before. First thing happening when you get such radically different thoughts you become dizzy. Because your regular thought process is dismantling for the change to occur. After that, experience becomes very personal, but do not forget, you will not be welcomed anywhere. People are brought up to fear change and unusual ideas. Be sure of one thing, listen what your heart is saying and you will know that you are on a right path. One more thing, enjoy it! Your MM72 by Atza

Mystic Mask 72

:: Mystic Mask 71 :: Who do you think you are?

:: Mystic Mask 71 :: Who do you think you are? Insignificant particle in the universe? But you feel there is more to it. Yeees! Think of atomic bomb, power of an earthquake, Sun energy outbursts, Supernova explosion destroying and making new life and worlds. Feel that energy, it is inside you. It always was and will be. Yes, you have to think different and re-educate yourself to grasp the truth. Take it slowly, it is the evolution of a human being. Focus in your heart and use it as a catalyst towards choices and direction on the path of re-discovering yourself. Feel it. MM71 by Atza

Mystic Mask 71

:: Mystic Mask 70 :: What do you think Life is?

:: Mystic Mask 70 :: What do you think Life is? Just what you see and experience around yourself? What you see is a result of pure influence of a micro cosmos you represent. In that cosmos you are a god like entity. Now you know. Start vibrating with life creating capabilities you have. “Be the change you want to see in the world”, Gandhi was right. Use the Art as inspiration and create another dimension, there are no boundaries. If you need direction, your heart is the greatest advisor, with the access to infinite possibilities. MM70 by Atza

Mystic Mask 70

:: Mystic Mask 69 :: Remember your Heart every day…

:: Mystic Mask 69 :: Remember your Heart every day. Be Grateful for the Gate of Truth being there for you to connect to higher realms and knowledge. Feeling Grateful is the Key for opening the Heart Gate. Love, MM69, by Atza

Mystic Mask 69

:: Mystic Mask 68 :: Not your Type?… Well…

:: Mystic Mask 68 :: Not your type?… Well, where I am coming from I am very attractive. In your dimension your spirit glows through your physical being. You could feel a persons deeper being through his physicality. In my universe we don’t have that kind of connection and our visual presence has a different meaning. That is why Art is so important in your universe. It is expression of the spirit, soul and all that you represent in non material form. When you create, you open the gate to “impossible” possibilities and flow of energy, that comes your way is, well, unpredictable. Art surprises, rejuvenates…it is a new form of life for many. What that means is that, you humans are like that as well,…precious! Your MM68, by Atza

Mystic Mask 68

:: Mystic Mask 67 :: I just want to be…

:: Mystic Mask 67 :: I just want to be… could you accept me…as I am? Is that an insight for today? Explore deeply your feelings and emotional responses to everything you experience. All the secrets and everything you wanted to know are hidden in there. MM67 by Atza

Mystic Mask 67

:: Mystic Mask 66 :: Choose how to feel, defy…

:: Mystic Mask 66 :: Choose how to feel, defy reality around yourself and choose consciously what feelings to experience. Experiment. Reality will conform to the truths you just created. There is no other way for reality to do it, it has to comply to the human vision. It is the universal principle. Believe…in what you are. MM66 by Atza

Mystic Mask 66

:: Mystic Mask 65 :: Feel better with a familiar Form?

:: Mystic Mask 65 :: Feel better with a familiar form? I have a message to deliver. Learn to uncover the meaning message carries no matter in what form comes to your attention. If there is a message, there is a reason for it’s existence. Your delivery entity MM65, by Atza

Mystic Mask 65

:: Mystic Mask 64 :: Okay, non believers…

:: Mystic Mask 64 :: Okay, non believers, where do you think I am coming from. Look at me…only familiar things are spots for eyes, mouth, nose…third eye? Aaaa, tough one, but yes, you have it, it is just under developed. It is developing now, not visible like this, it is inside your brain. That is why you are becoming more sensitive, intuitive, precognitive…you will need it in the future and natural development of the body is taking care of it. Maybe a headache or dizziness, it’s ok, just feel good about yourself and natural self-healing capabilities of your being will balance out everything. Look at me again, I am different, but you feel where I am coming from… and there is a reason. Respect for the human race, MM64 by Atza

Mystic Mask 64